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Shiba Inu Canada is the official breed club accredited by the  Canadian Kennel Club, the CKC. Shiba Inu Canada is a group of dedicated breeders and owners who formed this club to protect and advance the interests of the breed.  We hold CKC sanctioned Specialties; provide information about the breed for breeders, owners, and judges of the breed, and to the general public who wish to learn more about the breed.

UPDATE - Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, all dog shows have been cancelled in Alberta. While we will regret not seeing all of you and the wonderful dogs, we WILL be back in 2021, bigger and better!

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See you in 2021!
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Buyer Beware!

There has been an unprecedented demand for puppies in 2020, and with that a rise in unscrupulous, even criminal actions. If you are looking for a purebred Shiba Inu:

  • The only guarantee a dog is purebred is if it is REGISTERED with the Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, or if overseas, the official kennel club of that country.
  • Genetic health: it is not possible to 100% guarantee a dog won't have some health issue, but if the parents and family have been screened and selected for sound structure and health, the odds dramatically increase. Shiba Inu breeding stock should be certified with OFA for hips, patellas and eyes. 
  • Breed Type: the reason to buy a purebred is predictability of size, shape, and to a certain extent, temperament. Along with that is the breeder's commitment to protecting the heritage of that breed, which encompasses its historical form and function. There is a reason why any breed looks like it does, and a well bred Shiba is a total package of beauty, elegance, strength, agility, intelligence. The Breed Standard describes what the breed should be, and while you may not be wanting a show dog, you obviously want a dog that is a good example of its breed, in both looks and temperament.
  • Temperament: a puppy's temperament is influenced by genetics and environment. Therefore, parents should be available for you to assess. Shiba puppies not raised in-home with lots of human contact can be quite feral and more difficult to live with. 

There are disreputable breeders producing poor quality puppies in terrible conditions; there are also brokers who purchase puppies in bulk, and represent themselves as the breeders. These puppies are actually born in puppy mills, domestic and foreign. There are online puppy mills, fairly easy to identify (multiple breeds, mixes, cute photo sets). There are rescues that import dogs, with compelling stories of neglect designed to generate as much income as possible (referred to as 'retail rescue'). And there are the scams where there is no puppy at all - send a deposit and never hear from them again.

It is fairly easy to check out any of the above - simply Google their names. Don't send money anywhere until you are 100% sure you are dealing with reputable people. Ask questions, ask for photos/videos of parents of puppies. 

Remember, the reputable breeders will be checking you out too!

Looking For A Shiba Inu?

The breed is going through a popularity explosion, due to the extensive attention given them on social media. Please realize there is more to a Shiba Inu than all those cute photos - this is a tough, independent dog that can be challenging to even the most experienced dog owner. All the attention has created a demand - and a large number of puppy mills have been formed to fill that demand. PLEASE do your research and do not contribute to the misery the breeding dogs endure in these puppy factories. 

It is not easy to get a good quality Shiba - there are not a lot of responsible breeders in Canada so it may mean waiting for some time. It is worth the wait to get a healthy, happy puppy from parents who have been screened for genetic health issues, have good temperaments and actually look like the breed.

This website does not list actual puppies for sale. We do provide information on the breed, and maintain a Breeders Directory so that you can contact breeders directly.