There are not large numbers of Shiba Inu requiring rescue in Canada. If the Club is advised of one in need, we are happy to post information on the website. There are several organizations devoted to rescue work; please check the Links page. Also the Petfinder site lists a lot of dogs, be prepared that breed identification is not very accurate. Please be aware that a rescue Shiba offers challenges: there is usually little background information, and there may be health and temperament issues. Hopefully the rescue organization screens and assesses both dogs and potential owners, and offers support. You should ask any rescue group about their return policy: some dogs require more help than the average family can offer.

There is a lot of attention on overseas rescues now; please be aware there are multiple issues. Disease and parasites not common in Canada have been imported along with these dogs, resulting in increased financial outlays and endangering other dogs. The background of these dogs is unknown; at best they are from a foreign puppy mill. "Meat" dogs are produced in farms that look to get the best profit, there is no consideration to health or temperament. There is 'retail rescue' to be aware of: dogs bought/stolen and brought to North America and resold at large profit. There is no assurance of health or temperament and no support offered. We highly recommend being extremely cautious if considering overseas purchases.

Research the Breed

Be prepared - you may have to wait several months or longer for your special puppy. Shibas have very small litters, and waiting lists are the norm.

RESEARCH the breed - do not rely on cute photos on social media to influence you (yes, we know that is hard). 

THINK about why you want a dog, and this breed in particular. Do not use the word 'cute' in your reasoning.

CONSIDER your life style and living arrangements - are you really prepared for the time, effort and cost?

Breeder Directory
This website does not list actual puppies for sale. We provide information on the breed and maintain a Breeders Directory of our club members so that you can contact and screen breeders directly. The Club takes no responsibility for claims or contract agreements, and does not negotiate between buyers and breeders. The Club strongly urges potential owners to fully research both the breed and the breeders.

Pet Stores and On Line Commercial Breeders
Many people do not realize that their local pet store does NOT get their puppies from 'good local breeders' - far from it. The pet store puts in an order, and a wholesaler (the biggest one is Hunt Corp out of the US) ships puppies supplied by commercial breeders across the US.

The on line puppy mills may have a very professional website, with lots of puppies posed in front of curtains with bows & toys. Check carefully - are there several different breeds? Do they crossbreed? Are there health certifications (ie OFA, CERF) for the parents? Are the puppies registered with either CKC (Canada) or AKC (USA)? While you may 'only want a pet', registration is the only proof that a puppy is indeed the breed you are looking for.

Non-existent dogs offered for sale, dogs imported in bulk and brokered by people posing as their breeders, big-business puppy mills, and retail rescues all qualify as scams. Never send money before being absolutely confident in the seller's honesty. Google names and organizations, investigate claims, and insist on photos or videos of the dog that are current.

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